• The 2021 Special Edition Father's Day Box

    The 2021 Special Edition Father's Day Box
    In honour of Father’s Day, we’ve put together a curated box of items that any guy in your life would absolutely love. From a few items to level up his grill game to a couple sweet treats, there’s something for every guy to enjoy. Level up your morning routine There’s nothing quite like a refreshing shower to kick off your day, and we’ve included...
  • The 2021 Mother's Day Special Edition Box

    The 2021 Mother's Day Special Edition Box
      For 364 days a year, mothers spend so much of their time taking care of everyone else in their lives. So, for that one special day all about them, we think they more than deserve to simply relax, focus on themselves, and indulge in some decadent self-care. Our 2021 Mother’s Day Special Edition box has everything you need to have an incredible day...
  • The Spring 2021 Box

    The Spring 2021 Box
    The ground is thawing, pops of green are poking through, and cheery animals have come back out to play — Forårshygge is here! The items in our spring box will help you kick the season off with a healthy dose of hygge. Invigorate your senses For the fall and winter seasons, we absolutely love warming scents like clove and cinnamon, but when spring rolls around, it’s...
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