• The Fall 2020 Box

    The Fall 2020 Box
    The weather outside is cooling, the leaves are turning vibrant shades of red, orange and brown, it’s official — the fall season is here! For many, it’s one of the coziest times of the year, and we’ve curated a box full of items that will bring the hygge spirit to the season. Pull out your favourite cozy gear and light a fire As the...
  • The Limited Edition “Hold On To Summer” Box

    The Limited Edition “Hold On To Summer” Box
      While we can hardly wait for the sound of leaves crunching under our boots and the smell of spiced apple cider lingering in the air on a crisp day, there’s something bittersweet about bidding farewell to summer. The warm breeze, the blooming flowers, the sunshine-filled days — there’s so much to love about the season that we decided to offer a limited edition...
  • The Summer 2020 Box

    The Summer 2020 Box
       Though many associate hygge with the chilly winter season, we believe that hygge should be a part of your life throughout the whole year. You can find ways to bring the principles into your daily routine, even during the warmest months. We’ve curated a box that will bring a dose of sommerhygge into the season. Reach out to a friend With all the incredible technology available nowadays, it’s easier...
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