• The Kids Summer Hygge Box

    The Kids Summer Hygge Box
      We strongly believe that hygge is for the whole family. Since your family’s regular summer plans likely have no longer been an option given the current state of the world, we thought a box filled with activities that could keep your children entertained with mindful, creative options would be a welcome addition to our regular quarterly boxes. With that in mind, we curated two children’s...
  • Mindful Hygge

    Mindful Hygge
      Hygge: Slowing Down & Mindfulness the Scandinavian Way Hygge is a state of mind, an attitude, a feeling… it is being present, authentic, content in the now, without thinking about it … ‘Hygge is a sanctuary for the soul’. The core concepts of hygge are deeply connected to the idea of slowness & simplicity; to truly hygge you need to slow down long...
  • Your Well-being

    Your Well-being
      The COVID-19 pandemic can cause stress and anxiety as it is disrupting normal life for many people all at once. Below is a curated collection of ideas(with plenty of links to additional resources) to help you ease some stress, even for a minute or two where you can find a moment to just breathe and enjoy some quiet hygge moments. GIVE YOURSELF A...
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