• International Hygge Day Special Edition Box

    International Hygge Day Special Edition Box
    February 28 is one of our favourite days of the year because, well, it’s International Hygge Day! While we love to celebrate all things hygge year-round, this day is a particular reminder to carve out time to relax, recharge, and experience all that the hygge mindset has to offer. Add some beauty to the everyday moments We love items that can be used different...
  • The Winter 2021 Box

    The Winter 2021 Box
    Photo courtesy of @maui_noel  Welcome to Vinterhygge! This frosty season lends itself perfectly to hyggelig activities, but with busy schedules and long lists of commitments, it can be tough to find the time to prioritize hygge moments. That’s why Hygge in a Box is the perfect solution — you’ll get items delivered right to your doorstep that will help you keep the hygge spirit...
  • The Special Edition Hygge Holiday Box

    The Special Edition Hygge Holiday Box
    Our quarterly boxes bring hygge into our subscribers’ homes on a regular basis, but we love encouraging even more hygge moments with our limited and special edition boxes. We decided to wrap up 2020, a year that has been full of changes and challenges, with our Special Edition Hygge Holiday Box. The box was available in two sizes — the Essentials Box and the...
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