The Spring 2024 Box


It’s time to tuck away the thick blankets and other winter necessities as the season shifts to spring, which brings with it the opportunity to embrace hygge in a whole new way. The sun is out of hiding, shining for longer and longer each day, and the natural world is hard at work with flowers blooming, plants yielding delicious fruits and vegetables and more.

While we certainly encourage weaving hygge into your own spring rhythms, for this particular box, our focus was on curating items that would help you bring the spirit of hygge to your gatherings this season.

Go ahead and send your loved ones the invitation to a cozy spring garden party now, because once you open up the spring 2024 box, you’ll already have a head start on getting everything you need.

Set the scene for conversations and connection 

In order to help create a hygge ambience for your gathering, we’ve included decor items in a mix of textures and materials — concrete, wood, linen — that will add depth and warmth to your tablescape. And, we’ve selected neutral hues so they’ll work perfectly with whatever tableware and cutlery you have available.

First, since candles are absolutely essential for a hygge tablescape, we've included two beautiful twisted taper candles from Estelle Studio that are so stunning you may be hesitant to actually burn them as well as two natural concrete candlestick holders from Wind + Willow Co. They make a strong style statement while also allowing other colours and textures on the table to shine. To truly level up your tablescape, consider incorporating some fresh flowers or crafting a centrepiece out of the gorgeous fresh produce available in the spring.

And, since we believe style and function can and should happily coexist, we can't get enough of these cloth cotton napkins from Bluum Maison. They’re much more environmentally friendly than disposable napkins, the hand-frayed edges add a coziness your decor, and they make the entire dining experience more special. 

While you can absolutely use the napkins on their own, styled however you prefer, we’ve also added handmade wooden napkin rings from LivCan Design. Including natural materials like wood in your tablescape adds a touch of hygge, and the modern design will work with a wide variety of aesthetics.  

Quarterly subscribers receive an extra two napkins and napkin rings, so you can grow your gathering and include a few more loved ones. 

Serve up delectable bites and beverages 

When it comes to planning the menu for a gathering, it’s all a matter of what feels right for you. Don’t pressure yourself to spend hours crafting a multi-course meal that results in you being too frazzled to enjoy time with your guests. Instead, keep things simple — we’ve included a few items to get you started.

Whip up a variety of intriguing beverages with ease thanks to the trio of tea cocktail syrups from Amsterdam Tea Room. The versatility of the syrups means you’ll have something to offer for every palate. Add spirits to create cocktails or juices and sparkling water for mocktails, serve your drinks hot or cold, garnish with seasonal items like fresh fruit or herbs straight from the garden, whatever best suits your gathering. There are a variety of drink recipes on the company’s website, although you can also tap into your inner mixologist and create something unique for your gathering. 

Then, since it’s always nice to have something to nibble on alongside a beverage, grab a bowl that works with your tablescape and put out the hand-roasted savoury nuts from Liv Artisanal. The lime and saffron flavour is subtle enough to pair with a range of beverages but intriguing enough to have your guests going back for another handful. 

Looking to serve something a bit more substantial? We’ve included a recipe card for a spring zest salmon with cherry tomatoes and green beans. It’s hearty yet not too heavy, and allows you to showcase the seasonal produce you’ve picked up from your local market. 

And, since every meal should end with a sweet treat, wrap up with the artisan truffles from Sweet Lake of the Woods. They have eye-catching designs on the top and a smooth, decadent filling that will end your meal on the right note. 

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