• Mindful Hygge

    Mindful Hygge
      Hygge: Slowing Down & Mindfulness the Scandinavian Way Hygge is a state of mind, an attitude, a feeling… it is being present, authentic, content in the now, without thinking about it … ‘Hygge is a sanctuary for the soul’. The core concepts of hygge are deeply connected to the idea of slowness & simplicity; to truly hygge you need to slow down long...
  • Your Well-being

    Your Well-being
      The COVID-19 pandemic can cause stress and anxiety as it is disrupting normal life for many people all at once. Below is a curated collection of ideas(with plenty of links to additional resources) to help you ease some stress, even for a minute or two where you can find a moment to just breathe and enjoy some quiet hygge moments. GIVE YOURSELF A...
  • The Celebrating Women Limited Edition Box

    The Celebrating Women Limited Edition Box
      In addition to the quarterly seasonal boxes that subscribers can expect, Hygge in a Box also creates limited edition boxes for certain special occasions. In honour of Mother’s Day this year, we put together a “Celebrating Women” box that makes the perfect gift for any woman in your life — or the perfect treat for yourself during these tough times. Start Your Day...
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