The 2023 Mother’s Day Special Edition Box

The 2023 Mother’s Day Special Edition Box


We love items that help anyone weave hygge into their daily rhythms and routines. However, for busy mothers who are always looking after everyone but themselves, it’s even more important to find ways to incorporate moments of mindfulness and self-care. We hope the contents of this special edition box will spark a day of pampering, either for yourself or another deserving woman in your life.

Start your hygge-filled day with your warm morning beverage of choice, whether that’s coffee, tea, hot chocolate, whatever strikes your fancy. Set yourself up in your favourite spot and place your mug on one of the chic wood coasters from Bellamy Home Studio. The peony-flower design is minimalist yet stunning, and helps bring the beauty of nature into your space. We’ve also included a spinach brunch cake recipe, if you’re looking for something healthy and hearty to pair with your morning cup.

Once you’ve started your day off in a leisurely, relaxing way, grab the reusable coffee cup from Mimi & August and pour yourself a second cup before heading outdoors to enjoy the sunshine. Take time to truly savour each sip as you incorporate some movement, wandering around neighbourhoods you love to explore or hitting the trails, depending on whether you’d rather admire architecture or foliage. The bamboo cup has a silicone sleeve to protect your hands, and the gorgeous floral print makes it a perfect accessory. It’s also lightweight enough to toss in your bag for future self-care adventures, when you might want to stop by your favourite local cafe for a treat instead but prefer an eco-friendly alternative to disposable paper cups. 

Once you’ve stretched your legs and soaked in the sunshine for a while, spend your afternoon at home doing whatever rejuvenates you, whether that’s working on a craft, spending hours curled up with a good book, or watching a beloved movie. Set the stage for relaxation with the Mimi & August Herbarium Room Spray — the aroma of cypress, lemon and foliage will transport you to a serene forest. Whenever the scent starts to fade, you can add another spritz or two to maintain that enchanted ambience.

And, since nothing pairs better with your activity of choice than a sweet treat, mindfully enjoy the Mother’s Day Chocolate Quartet from Jacek Chocolate Couture. The package contains three dark chocolates with gooey salted caramel interiors as well as a piece of solid milk chocolate. As an added bonus, Jacek supports local communities and charitable causes, making this treat extra sweet. 

Finally, the ideal way to end a day of pampering (in our opinion) is with a long, decadent soak in the tub, complete with luxurious bath products. We’ve included two in the box from A Pleasant Thought that will level up your bath experience. 

First, prepare a truly indulgent bath with the Flowers & Citrus Bath Salt Soak, which includes Dead Sea salts to help detoxify, rose and orange essential oils for an incredible aroma, and a few flowers and citrus peels to make it feel a bit more magical.

When you’ve soaked for long enough, leave your skin feeling incredible by cleansing with the brand’s Midori Bergamot & Wild Sage soap. The refreshing herbaceous aroma will have you feeling like your bathroom has been transformed into a spa, and the combination of olive oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter and sweet almond oil will moisturize even the driest skin. 

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