Hygge Retreats

Are you craving downtime, me-time and some serious hygge connection with yourself and others?

Do you feel that life has you running from one duty to the next and you forget to stop to enjoy life along the way?

Do you need to seriously recharge your inner batteries and practice being mindful in each and every moment?

Are you wanting to create a life of inner comfort, clarity & connection?

How amazing would it be to be nestled somewhere for a full day or a few days in a cozy lodge, cabin or a country inn? Better yet, having all that time to concentrate on you and only you?

If you are saying yes to all of the above … this just may be what you need so sign up below for our newsletter. Be the first to know!

Feel Great

Spend your days hiking, Nordic walking, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, biking, horseback riding, wild edible foraging, comfort food cooking, warming up around a bonfire, roasting traditional s’mores or bannock, relaxing through yoga, receiving hours of mindfulness based workshops and teachings.

Expand Your Skills

Learn new yet timeless skills such as fermenting, bone broth stewing, weaving, knitting, candle making, gardening, floral arranging, tea blending, making your own skincare products, wild-crafting, aromatherapy and so much more.


Eat soul nourishing meals with other like-minded people while enjoying meaningful conversations before moving onto sipping hot mulled wine, hot cocoa or a favourite pot of tea in front of a roaring fire.

Feel Cozy

Wear your flannel jammies and woolly socks all day… journal, meditate, play engaging and thought-provoking games, watch hygge inspired movies and documentaries.

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