The Celebrating Women Limited Edition Box


In addition to the quarterly seasonal boxes that subscribers can expect, Hygge in a Box also creates limited edition boxes for certain special occasions. In honour of Mother’s Day this year, we put together a “Celebrating Women” box that makes the perfect gift for any woman in your life — or the perfect treat for yourself during these tough times.

Start Your Day Off Right

A good morning routine can set up your entire day, so we’ve included two incredible products that will help you introduce some self-care and self-reflection into your own routine.

Journaling can be an amazing addition to any routine, but it can sometimes be intimidating to think of what to write. That’s not an issue with the journal from Robyn Liechti that we’ve included. The Making of a Strong Woman journal is filled with questions that are designed to empower and inspire you. You can take a journey in self-discovery at your own pace, choosing to answer one or two questions daily, or to spend some time in the quiet weekend hours working through the journal.

We also have a set of intention cards from May You Know Joy Inc. The laminated cards feature a pale green design on one side and stunning black script text on the other side. Each card has a specific intention, from embracing stillness to expressing gratitude. Pull a new card from the deck every morning and keep the intention in your mind throughout the day.

Enjoy A Sweet Treat

Is your schedule so packed that it feels impossible to find time to take a breath sometimes? We totally understand. That’s why we’ve included a few treats for a luxurious afternoon pick-me-up. First, brew a steaming mug of tea using the loose leaf tea sample included from Hot Cups Tea. Then, open up the bag of Flour & Flower caramel popcorn and indulge in the decadent, creamy, crunchy treat. Incorporating moments of beauty and joy into your day is definitely a hygge thing to do, so we’re delighted by the real edible rose petals scattered in with the popcorn to make your treat feel extra special.

We’ve also included a ceramic piece from Wildflower Colour & Clay that will look stunning in any kitchen. Each piece created by the artisan behind the company is made by hand in small batches. Let the special piece remind you to take a moment of stillness in your chaotic day, and reflect on how you are beautiful and unique, just like the gorgeous ceramic in your box.

Make sure to tuck away the recipe card as well — when you don’t have any rose petal popcorn left, you can head to the kitchen to whip up our easy, indulgent, no bake chocolate fudge cookies. And, since taking care of the earth and reusing materials is something we’re passionate about, we’ve also included instructions for how to transform all your used candle jars into a herb garden that can fit in any corner of your kitchen. Once it’s set up, you’ll be able to clip off fresh basil or cilantro for your homemade dishes at a moment’s notice.

Indulge All Your Senses

What better way to end a busy day than with a steaming bath or a long, hot shower? We’ve included a body scrub from Whipped Cosmetics that you can slather from head to toe. The blend of shea butter, avocado oil and coconut oil will leave your skin feeling silky smooth and incredibly pampered. We’ve also included a lip balm from the same brand, to ensure that no part of your body is ignored.

The last item in the box, from Market Candle Company, is a candle that we hope makes every woman feel like a goddess — that’s why we worked with the company to create a private label just for our Celebrating Women box recipients. The scent combines floral notes, such as peony, rose and lily of the valley, as well as ripe fruity aromas of apple, pear and peach. Let the delicate scent linger in the air as you go through your skincare routine and get ready for bed.

We hope that the products in this limited edition box allow you to introduce some stillness and self-love into your schedule.

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