The Kids Summer Hygge Box


We strongly believe that hygge is for the whole family. Since your family’s regular summer plans likely have no longer been an option given the current state of the world, we thought a box filled with activities that could keep your children entertained with mindful, creative options would be a welcome addition to our regular quarterly boxes.

With that in mind, we curated two children’s boxes, one with products aimed at girls and the other with items targeted towards boys.  We also provided the option to add a few additional items, in case you really wanted to fill up the summer calendar.

Add a healthy dose of hygge to your summer schedule

Both boxes had a few items in common, pieces we thought every child would enjoy. First, to get your creativity flowing, we included a book you could flip through with your child all summer long — Screen-Free Fun: 400 Activities for the Whole Family. Page through as a family and each family member can pick out different activities to try out. This addition means that, even when your child is finished with the items in the box, you still have a ton of ideas ready to go.

Spending time outdoors in nature is a great hygge activity to encourage. You can introduce the element of mindfulness to your child’s outdoor play by setting up a birdhouse in the backyard, so he or she can spend time quietly observing all the creatures that fly through your yard. We included a DIY birdhouse kit from Wallflower Designs that you can help your child construct. The kit itself has everything you need to create a minimalist birdhouse, but you can incorporate some additional creativity by painting it or adding other embellishments.

Need a sweet treat for your weekend picnic? We’ve got you covered — we included a bag of hard candies from the Toronto-based company Papabubble. The mixture includes a variety of flavours, from tangerine to pomegranate, and the whimsical “pet mix” features a print of a small creature in the middle of each colourful candy. Your child can have fun guessing the flavour or animal for each piece as they enjoy the treat, engaging multiple senses.

All that time outdoors in the dirt calls for a long bath before bedtime, and you can transform the activity from a dreaded chore to a fun adventure with the addition of a bath bomb. All boxes had a large bath bomb from Cheekie Bath & Body, and the name of the particular one we’ve included is guaranteed to get a chuckle from your child — and the delectable banana scent with other tropical fruit notes mixed in will make the bathroom feel like a spa for you!

Girls’ Box exclusives

Most of us love lighting a candle to add a bit of ambience to a space, as well as to fill the air with a calming scent. Why not introduce your daughter to one of your hygge necessities by making some candles together? Pouring hot wax isn’t an ideal activity for children, so instead we included a mini taper candle making kit from YYC Beeswax. The kit came with a few beeswax sheets in fun colours that you can transform into two small candles that would make the perfect addition to your family movie night.

Keep the outdoor adventures going and encourage all kinds of flying friends to enter your yard with a flower bomb kit. We included one from Beaver Creek Honey. Each kit creates a generous amount of seed bombs that you can have fun scattering around the yard or garden, or planting in pots. After all, getting your hands dirty is half the fun of gardening!

We even included an item that will come in handy when those flowers begin to sprout. Each girls’ box included a flower press from Oake Living. Your child can take in the beauty of nature by going through the yard and selecting her favourite flowers, inhaling the sweet scent and finding brightly-coloured blossoms. Then, you can press the blooms on a crisp piece of paper between two gorgeous wooden blocks, and end up with a piece of art that will bring a bit of nature inside your home. Frame it for a hint of summer through the fall and winter months.

Boys’ Box exclusives

We included a soft, worn-in graphic t-shirt perfect for camping from the brand Cabin Street in our Limited Edition Men’s Box, so why not get a matching piece for dad’s favourite guy to wear? We included a stylish hat that every child will love — plus, sun protection is always a plus in parents’ eyes. He’ll be the coolest one at the spray park! And, for days where the weather forces the family indoors but you still want to incorporate that sense of nature and exploration, we’ve included a set of stickers, also from Cabin Street, that would be the perfect addition to any colouring session.

There are a ton of video games and other digital forms of entertainment on the market, but it’s crucial for kids to unplug and unwind from time to time. Encourage the habit by starting up a family tic tac toe tournament — no devices required. The Woodlot, a company based in Owen Sound, Ontario, have a wide variety of incredible products, and we added a DIY tic tac toe set to the box that may just be in your family for generations to come.

We know all about the therapeutic benefits of mindful crafting such as knitting and embroidery. That’s why we included a DIY cross-stitch keychain from Diana Watters Handmade. The project is small enough for your child to complete on his own, and he’ll love the colourful robot design.

Needed a few more options?

Time spent trying to figure out new activities to entertain your children can seem to fill every waking hour in the summer, which is why we also incorporated the option to add on other items. They were all projects that embody all the hygge values, and your child will love every single one.

From a wind chime kit that will fill the backyard with musical tones when the wind blows, to a DIY aromatherapy gemstone bracelet kit that will take tea parties to a whole new level, we had several selections. From painting a ceramic critter, crafting a scrunchie, or doing a bit of embroidery, the options are limitless. You just may have found yourself having so much fun assisting your child that you wished you added on another kit for yourself!

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