The International Hygge Day 2023 Limited Edition Box

Did you know that February 28 is International Hygge Day? While we believe everyone should incorporate hygge into their lives year-round, this special-to-us holiday is the perfect time to remind yourself to take things slow and weave those hygge moments throughout your day — we hope the carefully selected items in this box will help you do just that. 

Start your day with a mindful breakfast 

Coffee is so much more than just a way to energize yourself — for many of us, how you enjoy that first cup in the morning sets the tone for the day ahead. Rather than guzzling your preferred brew while running from task to task, set aside even just five minutes to mindfully enjoy that first morning cup. Feel the steam on your cheeks and the warmth of the mug in your hand, inhale the aroma wafting through the air, and really pay attention to the different flavour notes in the roast you’re sipping. 

Try out a more mindful approach to your morning cup with the Cafe Mont Sutton Blend from Virgin Hill Coffee, a dark roast that is full of flavour. Black coffee drinkers are sure to love the bold, smoky brew, which is also perfectly complemented by additions like cream, sugar, or your milk of choice. Plus, the large package means you can even share a cup or two with a friend.

Pair your coffee with something sweet, such as the same brand’s Virgin Mady Coffee Infused Maple Butter. This versatile ingredient can be used in so many ways — add a dollop to pancakes or waffles, spread it onto your toast, or use it as a syrup, infusing a hint of maple into your morning coffee (although it's equally delicious in an evening cup of hot cocoa). 

And, since cooking is definitely a hygge activity, we also encourage you to try whipping up some Danish red berry pudding — there’s a recipe card included in the box for the creamy, fruity treat. While it’s a great sweet treat to brighten any moment, a bowl of the Danish delicacy in the morning is guaranteed to start your day off on the right foot. 

Finally, don’t miss the fact that the card listing the box contents also has a cute illustrated print on one side. While the chic minimalist art would look stunning anywhere in your home, we love the idea of tucking it near where you eat your breakfast or enjoy your coffee every morning — that way, it’s a visual reminder to keep hygge in mind as you go about your day.

Pamper yourself with a home spa experience 

Scent can be utterly transformative, helping you chase away the stresses of the day as you enjoy a soothing aroma enveloping you. We frequently include candles in our boxes because the combination of fragrance and cozy flickering light is a great way to add some hygge to your home — however, for this box, we’ve mixed things up a bit with incense and an incense holder. 

The Bija Life incense holder is crafted from a rich rosewood that would complement any home aesthetic, and the piece can be positioned two ways, allowing you to style it however you prefer. We’ve paired it with Black Spruce and Fir Balsam Essential Oil incense from Province Apothecary to get you started. Burning a stick of incense is the perfect opportunity to slow down and take a moment to meditate, or simply reflect on the day — and, the woodsy scent will have you feeling like you’re walking through a forest, helping you bring nature into your home in a different way. Allow the aroma to infuse your space as you take a little extra time for your skincare routine.

Finish off your spa experience with the fragrant Lavender and Eucalyptus Shower Mist from SoulDeo Naturals. The unique combination of lavender, eucalyptus and menthol is both calming and refreshing, and all you need is a few sprays into the steam to transform a simple shower into a luxurious experience.  

Spend some time out in nature 

There’s a reason we include a pine cone in every box — connecting with nature is as important to a true hygge mindset as staying cozy indoors. If you live somewhere that gets frosty in the winter (like Denmark, the birthplace of hygge), it’s likely finally getting warm enough to enjoy longer walks outdoors as you soak in the beauty of the natural world. Two of the items we’ve included are well suited for that very purpose.

First, bring along Pokoloko’s Denim Cozy Patchwork Wrap for your outdoor adventures. The soft texture and generous size makes it a great layering piece — wrap it around your shoulders, bundle it up as an oversized scarf, whatever you prefer. It’s the perfect option if the wind gets a bit too crisp. 

And, make sure to bring a snack for the road, such as the Sweet Heat Kettle Roasted Almonds from Sweet Hoopla. These protein-packed treats are a mouthwatering mix of sweet, savoury and spicy (thanks to a sprinkle of Ancho chili). Toss them in your bag and when you find a particularly scenic spot, take a moment to refuel during your walk.

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