The Fall 2021 Box

The fall season is all about bundling up in cozy knits and enjoying the crisp air. With summer’s spontaneity behind you, fall is also a great time to re-establish some of your routines. Don’t let the darkening days get you down — instead, embrace the hygge approach to the season.

Trade in your digital staples for a more mindful method 

While the multitude of digital tools and technology available at your fingertips can be a blessing, at times, it can also be a nice break to step away from the digital world and take a more mindful approach to your to-do list. To facilitate this, we’ve included a notepad from Do Good Paper Co., as well as a pack of eco-pens. The pens are a sustainable option made from wheat straw, with classic black ink and soft pastel hues on the exteriors. The pad features a list with check boxes on each line, allowing you to focus on your to-dos for the day without all the notifications and disruptions technology can cause.

After all, the faster you get through your to-do list, the sooner you can curl up with a good book and warm beverage in the flickering candlelight — a decidedly hyggelig way to spend the dark fall nights. To get a little more inspiration on how you could use this product, check out this guest post by Leslie Tan, owner of Do Good Paper Co. 

Pamper your skin — and your spirit

A home spa night can be the perfect way to unwind after a long week. Even taking just a few minutes to use a luxurious skincare product can offer a much-needed moment of calm in a chaotic day. That’s precisely why we love to include bath and body items in the box.

For the Fall 2021 box, we have two fantastic products from Sequoia, an Indigenous owned and operated brand with sustainable production and ethically sourced ingredients. The lotion and scrub have wonderfully fruity, slightly herbaceous scents. These products will leave your skin feeling super smooth and moisturized, and your spirit will love supporting the sustainable, ethical company. 

Indulge in comforting treats

For many, fall simply isn’t fall without a dose of pumpkin spice. However, many beverages or sweet treats that feature this autumnal flavour also include a ton of artificial additives, dyes, or chemicals. Get all those fall flavours without any of the downside with this pumpkin spice blend from Blume. It’s caffeine free and refined sugar free, and the versatile product can be used to make everything from a pumpkin spice latte to a warming bowl of pumpkin oats.


Photo credit: @trysmallthings
Photo credit: @trysmallthings


Another quintessential fall flavour is butternut squash, and we can’t get enough of warm, cozy soups during the season. Our owners love to share a bit of their world with subscribers, which is why the recipe card in this box gives you full instructions on how to make their mom’s own butternut squash soup recipe — whip up a batch for a soul-warming weeknight dinner.

And, when you just need a sweet treat to get you through the day, make your indulgence count with a mouth-watering morsel from RockCoast Confections, a small-batch chocolatier based in Victoria, B.C. Rich, buttery toffee combines with almonds, dark chocolate, and a hint of smoked salt to balance it all out in their incredible Toffee Bark. 

Prioritize your sleep habits

Sleep is absolutely essential for everyone — you need it to ensure you’re feeling the very best you can, both mentally and physically. That’s why we love incorporating different products that can help with your evening routine, making sure you're preparing for a restful night.

Photo credit: @trysmallthings
Photo credit: @trysmallthings


While we love lighting candles at any time of the day, they can make a lovely cue to your body to start unwinding in the evening. This box features a vintage candle from Simple Ritual, a company that prioritizes sustainability and originality by repurposing vintage silver pieces and using them as the base of soy/coconut wax candles. Light your candle to signal the beginning of your bedtime routine, and allow the calming scent to fill your space as you pamper yourself with your skincare, read a few pages of a book, do a few minutes of journaling, whip up a pumpkin spice steamed milk — however you prefer to unwind from the day. 

Then, time to actually get to sleep — keeping your bedroom dark and quiet is important if you want high-quality shut-eye, and sometimes you need a little help blocking out some of the ambient light filtering into your sleeping space. If you’ve never found sleep masks very comfortable, you’ll love trying out the alternative included in this box, the Nite Hood. The unique design blocks out light and is crafted from super soft knit fabric that hugs your eyes, ears and head. And, the bamboo fabric is breathable and naturally temperature regulating, which means you’ll be cozy no matter what.

We hope these items help you embrace the fall season!

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