The 2022 Mother’s Day Special Edition Box


Whether you’re getting the box for yourself or for someone special in your life, the 2022 Mother’s Day Special Edition Box is packed with incredible items designed to facilitate a hygge-packed day that will have you feeling refreshed and relaxed. Better yet, the items can be used in a variety of ways, so you can customize your experience to whatever best suits your needs.

We’ve included items from Pokoloko, a fantastic sustainable brand, in previous boxes, and have featured the Zora towel in this box. The towel is crafted from pure Turkish cotton, with a stunning Moroccan-inspired design and muted colours that would look fantastic with any home’s décor. It’s also larger than a typical bath towel, making for a truly luxurious experience. If your perfect day includes some time spent outdoors, the size means this could work well as a picnic blanket laid out over the grass. Or, if you’re more the at-home spa type, it’s the perfect way to level up your routine and wrap around yourself after you exit a long bubble bath.

Whether you’re indoors or outdoors, it’s also important to create a hygge ambience, which is why we’ve included a vintage candle from Gracious Candle Co. The brand uses an all-natural coconut soy blend wax including essential oils for the scent. Each candle is poured into vintage glassware found in antique stores throughout Ontario, so you’re also getting a sustainable and one-of-a-kind product. We’ve selected the sandalwood and vanilla scent, a perfect blend of sweet and calming aromas.


And, of course, no day of pampering is complete without something refreshing to sip and something indulgent to nibble on. Mimosas are a staple at any indulgent brunch, so we’ve included a Raspberry Mimosa Cocktail Jar from Maiden Voyage Cocktail Co. The beverage includes a flavourful blend of raspberry, pineapple, and orange, as well as hibiscus-infused sugar that gives the mixture a gorgeous hue. Prep this in advance — it takes about 1 to 3 days to infuse — and you’ll have a tasty drink to sip during your special day.

You can either infuse your spirit of choice, such as vodka, rum, or gin, or if you’d prefer to keep things non-alcoholic, simply use boiling water. Then, combine your infused mixture with bubbly (either Champagne or prosecco, or just sparkling water for a mocktail option) and enjoy.

To go with your refreshing drink, snack on a few chocolate malt balls from Sweet Lake of the Woods. These pastel pink and white chocolate coated treats are absolutely delicious, and look beautiful displayed in a lovely bowl — after all, you eat with your eyes first.

And, if you’re looking for something heartier, we suggest our own mom’s tasty Spring Pesto Tortellini Salad — we’ve included the recipe on a recipe card in the box. You can whip it up in advance, and it’s the perfect item to bring along on your picnic, or enjoy in your favourite spot between your at-home spa treatments.

Finish off your day of relaxation with the final two items included in the box. First, try out the Coconut Chamomile Dreams Bath Soak from Tease. It contains an irresistible mixture of organic Egyptian chamomile flowers, coconut milk, and essential oils. Your skin will be left feeling silky and hydrated, and the experience of soaking in the decadent bath will help get rid of any lingering worries. 

Then, as you’re winding down for the day, grab your favourite sleepwear from a drawer or area of your closet where you’ve been storing the lavender sachet from Provence en Couleur. You can add this fragrant sachet anywhere you’d like, from your closet to your car, but we particularly like including it wherever you keep your sleepwear — that way, you’ll drift off to sleep in soothing lavender-scented attire every night.

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