Mindful Hygge


Hygge: Slowing Down & Mindfulness the Scandinavian Way

Hygge is a state of mind, an attitude, a feeling… it is being present, authentic, content in the now, without thinking about it … ‘Hygge is a sanctuary for the soul’.

The core concepts of hygge are deeply connected to the idea of slowness & simplicity; to truly hygge you need to slow down long enough to fully embrace the beauty of it.  At its core, hygge is being in & enjoying the moment; the mindful acknowledgment and gratitude of the simple pleasures of life. It’s coziness. It’s feeling comfortable in your body, in your mind, and in your space.

It teaches you to be mindful as it is, without rushing onto the next task.  For example, slowing down enough to enjoy the taste and the smell of the chai latte you made, staying longer in the bath and feeling the warmth on your skin, embracing the awesomeness you feel in your body during your yoga practice and being aware of the breath-taking views during your nature walk.  This also teaches you that you must create & *feel* hygge from the inside first, and then it comes out.

Inspiration for Slowing Down and Practicing Mindfulness

Mindful Meditation:  When you’re meditating, just breathe.  Make the most of your practice by letting go of expectations and just focusing on your breath.  Develop your concentration to focus on what is present in the moment which includes: breathing, loving-kindness, and observing-thoughts.

Mindful Journaling:  When you’re journaling, don’t hold back. A journal is a wonderful way to record all the things that are good in your life right now. Allow yourself to write freely, without judgment, and process any feelings you might be avoiding.

Mindful Eating: When you eat, taste your food. Don’t rush your meals. Savour the flavours of the food. Be mindful of the textures. Turn off the screens while you eat. Eat whole foods that are nourishing and fuel your body. Support local producers and know your farmers

Mindful Consumerism:  When you treat yourself, relish it. But also ask yourself, “will this bring me joy”? Treating ourselves is always a nice way to evoke some hygge.  At the same time, be mindfully aware of consumerism – think “less is more” and treat yourself with the things that only bring you pure joy.

Mindful Movement:  When you exercise, work out without judgment. Movement and exercise are also cornerstones of mindfulness so when you are, pay attention to how you feel, don’t rush, breathe deeply, keep your phone away and do what you love.

Mindful Hygge:  The mothership of Hygge Happiness. When you’re reading a book, immerse yourself in it. When you travel, be present where you are. When you’re in good company, enjoy it. When you’re outside, notice your surroundings. When you’re listening to music, actively tune in to it.

Ultimately, when you successfully slow down to cultivate mindfulness, you are one step closer to living a happier life, a life with hygge.

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