International Hygge Day Special Edition Box

February 28 is one of our favourite days of the year because, well, it’s International Hygge Day! While we love to celebrate all things hygge year-round, this day is a particular reminder to carve out time to relax, recharge, and experience all that the hygge mindset has to offer.

Add some beauty to the everyday moments

We love items that can be used different ways, tailored to exactly what you need in your life — and we included two such items in this Special Edition box.

The first is a set of two gorgeous notebooks from Linden Paper Co. The notebooks are small enough to tuck away and easily carry with you, no matter how small your purse, and the blank, unlined pages can accommodate anything you want. We always recommend a gratitude practice, so perhaps use it to document small moments of joy and gratitude you experience throughout the day. Or, simply add a beautiful botanical twist to your grocery list creation, or indulge your creative side with some small sketches — the possibilities are endless.

Since we love to deliver experiences to our subscribers as well, for this box, we offered the opportunity to attend a custom hygge journaling workshop. The therapeutic benefits of putting pen to paper are well-documented, and Carolyn Carleton helped guide our subscribers through the process of journaling with a hygge mindset.

The box also contained a small hand-crocheted basket from Lolerfly. The minimalist grey-and-white colour scheme means it would go well in any space, and the chunky knit texture delivers a seriously cozy vibe. The basket could be used for anything from pens to snacks. One of our favourite uses? Place a small potted succulent in the basket and create a perfect addition to any room that needs a little more hygge.

Indulge in the Swedish practice of fika

No matter what your schedule is like, it’s crucial to take breaks to rest your mind and care for yourself. The concept of fika, a relaxing coffee and treat break, is a key element of Scandinavian culture, so why not incorporate it into your own routine, with the help of a few items from our box? 

First, start by adding a cozy feel to your space with a candle. We included one from Hygge Space Co. in their ‘Komfort’ scent, which is a blend of clove, almond, and sweet orange. It will fill your space with the aroma of something fresh-baked without any effort in the kitchen — perfect for a little afternoon fika! As an added bonus, the hexagonal shape and wooden base are absolutely beautiful. 

There’s something about a steaming cup of coffee on a chilly winter day that’s so magical, and we’ve included a Winter Blend from Balzac’s Coffee Roasters to power your afternoon coffee break. This particular blend is perfect for the frosty season, with notes of plum and dark chocolate combining in a brew that’s rich, intense, and delicious.

Finally, an afternoon fika wouldn’t be complete without something sweet. If you’re in the mood for chocolate, break off a piece of the hazelnut praline chocolate bar we included from Georgian Chocolate Co. Their bars are handcrafted using ethically sourced chocolate. As an added bonus, the company partners with emerging artist to design their packaging, which means the bar is a treat for your eyes as well as your taste buds.

Alternatively, if you want to set yourself up for fika treats all week long, whip up a batch of Leanne’s Cinnamon Twists. We included a card with the simple yet delicious recipe, the winner from our Hygge in a Box recipe competition. They pair perfectly with a cup of coffee.

And, don’t think you can just sip and savour while continuing to work away — the whole point of fika is to pause and recharge! Grab the book included in the box, Pia Edberg’s The Cozy Life with Hygge, and read a few pages that will teach you how to see and incorporate the magic of hygge in every moment of your day.

Pay a little extra attention to your tired feet

Our feet carry us around all day, so why not take a little extra time to pamper them? We included two incredible items that will help you do just that.

First is a pack of eucalyptus bath melts from Buck Naked Soap Company. You can certainly toss them in a bath and enjoy getting luxuriously smooth and silky skin from head to toe. However, they also make the perfect start to an indulgent at-home pedicure night. Put one of the small tablets in a foot basin and allow the scent of eucalyptus to give your bathroom a spa-like vibe as your feet get ultra moisturized.

Winter also means dry skin, and while you likely have moisturizers in your arsenal for your face and body, do you have anything particularly designed for your parched heels? My Valhalla Soaps has an incredible foot balm crafted from local beeswax and cocoa butter with the refreshing scent of peppermint; slick some on, slip into your cozy camper socks from the Special Edition Hygge Holiday Box, and relax!

While not every day is International Hygge Day, you can and should incorporate hygge moments into your life on the regular — make sure to tag us and share your #hyggemoment! 

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