Custom Boxes &Corporate Gifting

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Are you looking for a unique way to say “Thank You” & “We Care” to a new or loyal customer? A whole team or an employee? Instead of giving gift cards or something ordinary, give them the gift of some much-needed self-care, comfort, and relaxation! Hygge in a Box is a unique treat for anyone and for any reason. ⁠

What about conferences, annual general meetings, office parties, and corporate retreats that now take place virtually? Why not have everyone open a box (filled with unique products) together and watch the smiles on their faces. It’s also the ideal way to promote and enhance your company’s Mental Health & Wellness initiative while showing the team some love. ⁠

For many companies, Hygge in a Box may be your ideal corporate gift.

Hygge Custom Box
Contact us to create your custom box.
Hygge In A Box Susbcription
Premium Seasonal Boxes shipped in July, October, January &April
Hygge In A Box
A one-time gift purchase of our premium Seasonal Boxes


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