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Why Did I Start Hygge Canada?

Hygge has been described as “coziness of the soul”, and for the Danes – who are considered the happiest people on the planet (despite their long, hard winters) – “it’s a way of life”, says Meik Wiking, chief executive officer of the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen. The Danish developed the concept and the way of living in the 18th century when it first appeared in journals of the time, the country hasn’t looked back since.

In our day and age, we are always rushing from one thing to the next and we forget to slow down in order to enjoy the good things in life. I believe that most of us would agree that feeling happy, being mindful and living a life with intention is a great recipe to feeling contentment within our own lives.

But do we have to move to a Nordic country in order to fully embrace the Hygge lifestyle? No! There are many easy ways that we can incorporate elements of hygge into our daily lives. Hygge Canada is my way of bringing that idea to our Northern country; to spread Hygge in a very Canadian way.

The mission of Hygge Canada is to bring others a feeling of Inner Comfort, Clarity & Connection.

So what is Hygge?

Hygge, (pronounced hue-gah) is a Danish word used when acknowledging a feeling or moment, whether alone or with friends; that simple idea of enjoying the good things in life.

The mission of Hygge Canada is to bring others a feeling of Inner Comfort, Clarity & Connection.


While the meaning of Hygge is different to each, the overarching idea is that of comfort and finding joy in even the simplest of situations, and an overall sense of being cozy and content with the way life is in that moment. So many other words can be used interchangeably to describe the idea of Hygge such as charm, happiness, connection, security, familiarity, comfort, reassurance, kinship, and simplicity.


Hygge is not something that someone can buy, but rather a mind-set or a way of thinking one can adopt and continually embrace. You can work to make your space or your surroundings more Hygge but being mindful in the enjoyment of the small moments is the “how to” in experiencing Hygge.


For the Danes, Hygge is all about creating a comfortable and warm space with soft lighting and glowing candles, surrounded by family and friends. Many Nordic countries like Denmark, Finland, Sweden and others are the ones to have adopted the notion of Hygge in their everyday lives. It is believed that this is due to the long cold winters that frequent these areas, and Hygge is a way to continue to find constant happiness and warmth throughout those times of year.


Similarly, in Canada, with so many cold, dark days, the simplicity of a candle flickering with a cup of coffee in the morning or a warm home cooked evening meal with friends can make a huge difference to one’s spirit. By creating simple rituals {such as brewing mulled wine to lighting candles at each meal to game nights to stopping at the bakery every week} we can start embracing a sense of comfort, clarity and connection all around us.

Jill's Hygge Journey

Even though I didn’t know it, my Hygge journey started long before I ever heard of it. Some of my fondest memories are looking back to the annual ski trips my family would take; we’d road trip to amazing places in order to hit some of the best ski slopes and to connect as a family. Part of the memories that I cherish are the moments after we’d return from an exciting day of skiing, bodies tired, cuddled up in a warm cabin, drinking hot chocolate in front of a wood-burning fireplace, and spending true quality time as a family. But what was it that brought the feeling of comfort, contentment and connection? Was it the activity itself ...? or was it that unknowing state of mindfulness that comes with true Hygge moments? Life was good, discovering new adventures and finding comfort in the special moments. But, as life does, everything changed with the blink of an eye, having sudden *clarity* on what is truly important in life.

So, what do you say? Are you ready to start your Hygge journey with me?

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